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See how rugby international Sean ‘O Brien picks his numbers for Tipp24.

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Tipp24 was founded in 1999 and has become a trusted brand for betting on international lotteries.

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Draw-based Lotteries

With four premium lotteries to choose from, Tipp24’s lotto betting portfolio gives you the chance to win life changing prizes. With Tipp24 you can bet on the Lotto, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot and German Lotto, some of which come with additional games and features.

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Tipp24’s in-house team has created an exclusive range of premium Scratch Cards, just for you. As the name suggests, you can win instantly with our Scratch Cards with no need to wait for a draw. You can also enjoy amazing Instant Win Game classics, such as Bingo, Cash Buster or Crossword.
The largest amount of money you can win in each individual draw is as if you had participated in the official lottery. The maximum amount you could get in each of the games that you play with us could be up to about €19 million for Lotto, €190 million for EuroMillions, €90 million for EuroJackpot and up to about €40 million for German Lotto.
It is extremely simple to find the latest lottery draw results online, including on Tipp24’s live results page. Players will always be given a choice over which draw to pick (if a particular game offers more than one) and, subsequently, will have to wait until the numbers are drawn. The times of draws range from late afternoon to early evening, depending on the country in which it is happening. All winning numbers and latest results are displayed on the Tipp24 website, as soon as they become available.
The cut-off time for a specific draw is usually between 15 and 20 minutes before the draw itself is commenced by the official lottery but this time may vary. For further information, please refer to the game page on this website. To avoid disappointment, we suggest using the subscription bet feature. Once the cut-off time has passed, any unconfirmed bets will be cancelled and players will lose their opportunity to bet on this draw.